Q20 LED desk lamp & perpetual calendar

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Product features
No glare, no strobe, light soft eye;
The lamp holder is rotated at 180 degrees, and the lighting angle can be adjusted at will;
Products with calendar function (time, date, week, temperature, Nao Zhong), display with backlight, display more clearly;
1/3 less power than traditional light bulbs;
 long life, LED lamp reached 20000 hours;
built in 18 high quality LED lamp, the eyes can be relaxed when used without glare and eye injuries;
The key button three dimming. According to different age, eyesight, environment and so on, adjust different      
  brightness, so as to protect eyes, not fatigue;
• built in 1200 Ma battery (with protection board, battery - overshoot, over discharge control), power failure can    
    also be used, high brightness 2-3 hours, low brightness 6-8 hours
 touch button, three dimming.
Parameter Specifications
Product material ABS+PS 
Product size 87*87*263MM
Rated power 4W±10%
Light source type SMD2835
Light quantity 18PCS*0.2W
Color rendering index >80
Color temperature 3750-4250K
Luminous flux 250LM±10%
Battery 1200mAh/18650lithium battery
Power specification  DC5V/0.5A(Not LED drive

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parts USB line, manual

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