Brand story

Bright ears make you listen; bright eyes let you watch; grow, record, grow, witness, work, taste, enjoy, and remember, a better life!
One love is to walk the same way every day, see the same scenery, meet the same people, but you still love this place and love life here
It is better to enter a memory life than ten thousand dreams, to live, listen and see, and to live with you
品牌文化  Brand culture
Hua zeng that every lamp, one pair of sound has a unique feeling and Chinese brand temperament, not only table lamps and audio, but also a good memory of life carrier
In addition to the combination of modern science and technology, China Science and technology increase truly the products from the "material demand goods" cohesion "healthy eye", "green", "science and technology" intelligent lighting "music" and "embellishment of life", "memories of life" and "life witness" in one of the modern sound art of fusion.
品牌诉求  Brand appeal
It is a pursuit of modern life and high quality products, and is dedicated to creating a healthy, green and fashionable reading music and modern new life for every customer;
While adhering to the core of environmental protection and quality, record life with emotion and integrate fashion design into the form of light and sound,
Hua Zeng technology is never just a light, a beam of light, the brand value of a piece of music......
品牌理念  Brand concept
LED energy-saving eye protection desk lamp, green reading work, new atmosphere, light, natural health, eye care, fatigue, care for your family's health
品牌内涵  Brand connotation
Skilled in quality, bright in mind, the pursuit of feelings of modern quality of life, a lifetime!
品牌宣言  Brand Manifesto
A lamp, a piece of music, a lifetime commitment!

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