Enterprise vision:
To become: based in Shenzhen, the global leader in innovation and sound intelligent lamp
Enterprise mission:
Responsibility for users - innovation and services
A sense of responsibility towards employees - caring and the future
A sense of responsibility for the work - intentions and responsibilities
Sense of responsibility for shareholders - performance and profits
A sense of social responsibility - public welfare and philanthropy
Enterprise core values:
China Science and technology innovation: increasing the core values of "innovation, cooperation, diligence, efficient and sincere" in order to achieve our mission, we must develop insight into the industry, have a keen sense of smell and action, whether in product or in business model, we must dare to practice leader.
Cooperation: we believe that any good business must have a seamless cooperation team, we advocate for each member of the team can contribute their strength and wisdom, sharing, and only cooperation, including all aspects of fight with our suppliers, distributors, customers and the wider cooperation, only is the only way to win.
Responsibility: the development of an enterprise should not be merely for profit. There are more responsibilities to society, to shareholders, to customers and to employees...... We demand that employees, like businesses, take on more responsibilities, and that each responsibility is so heavy and sacred that it encourages us to move on!
Efficient: we're in a fully competitive market, in the rapid development of the industry, which determines our development will be like riding a boat behind, the company in order to maintain the leading position in the industry, our core team is always full of energy, maintain high morale and maintain effective working state, is a tough fight. A combat team.
Sincere: we believe that doing business and life is the same way, first of all to be honest, frank, honest, do a sunny attitude group, positive enterprising, calm in the face of setbacks and problems.
Brand enterprise spirit:
"Enterprising, striving for excellence.""
Brand code of conduct:
Letter service, harmony and win-win, innovation excellence, pioneering spirit

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