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How to decorate the light of study, can you have the purpose that protects an eye?

Many parents think that as long as the lights are bright enough, they can meet the needs of reading, reading and so on. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! In fact, the brightness is enough, can only be a simple lighting, unscientific and reasonable arrangement will lead to eye myopia! How should the lighting of the study be arranged so as to protect the eyes?
1, suitable lighting brightness
The lighting of the study lighting environment should not be too bright, the human eye can feel comfortable, and the ceiling can use light soft ceiling lamp.
2. Use windows to adjust light
Generally speaking, the desk is best placed near the window, so that the lighting conditions are better, the window can be hung shutters to adjust the intensity of natural light;
3, choose non radiation ultraviolet lamp
Try to use LED lamp, no radiation, no incandescent bulb of infrared rays, and LED heat is much lower than incandescent lamp, bulb brightness to the eye feel suitable for whichever;
4, the use of free adjustment desk lamp
Ideal learning table lamp should be free to adjust the angle, arbitrary expansion and adjustment angle, no radiation, no UV, no glare, is the best learning eye care table lamp.
5, reduce the brightness contrast
Use a computer, you can use a lamp to illuminate the back of the computer wall, or in the computer next to a LED computer eye lamp, narrow the study night, brightness contrast, so that the eye is more comfortable.
6, the use of folder light for easy access
You can put some clip lights or spotlights on the bookcase, so that you can open the clip lamp and consult the information and information at any time when you take the book.
Parents quickly to see their home, the layout of the library, there is no problem?! To create a good learning environment for children is to study hard

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