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How to choose the LED eye lamp correctly?

The current trend of table lamp, LED eye lamp is well deserved. As the China Science and technology consultant, I will help you solve the problem.

As a new type of light source products, LED light source will become the mainstream light source of lighting products because of its own excellent characteristics. What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing LED eye lamp? In order to better buy our products.
Colour temperature. As an eye lamp, the color temperature is between 5000-5500K, which is suitable for the light environment that our eyes need
Two, whether the light after softening treatment. The test method is to turn on the light and reach out in the light to see if the shadow is clear on the projection. If it is a very diffuse shadow, it indicates that the light is uneven.
Three. Drive position. Good LED eye lamp does not design the driver in the lamp holder position.
Four, light. LED will have a light problem, simply put, is the brightness of more and more dark, this will affect the service life of the LED lamp. The influence of this phenomenon is temperature, the semiconductor in the realization of electronic production of light will be accompanied by high temperature, if the temperature can not be circulated in time, it will become more and more dark. So, for this, you just need to know how cool it is. The best way is now the patch module, the aluminum plate as a heat sink substrate is the best solution.
Five, the height of the table lamp. As an eye lamp, it should not be too high or too low. The proper range is between 35-50cm. The more the contact of the lamp stand, the more expensive the selling price, and the damage is easy.
Six, safety. As a LED light source, its own characteristics determine the lack of glass devices, will not produce sharp edges and corners, skin damage, especially children. If the decorative link increases, be sure to increase the drawing, screws and other sharp and sharp devices. The simpler the construction, the better!
Seven, material. Because the LED light source has a long service life, the material of the lamp holder is very important. For example, some use of metal, not natural color, are in addition to processing, and will fall off after a long time, affecting the appearance. Or a longer time, will be corrosion, but also affect the aesthetics. Therefore, it is recommended to choose environmentally friendly plastic material, mainly to maintain the color and beauty for a long time!
Eight, the surface of the base process. Since the light of the desk lamp is downward illuminated, the surface of the base can not be made smooth, so that although it is attractive, it will cause glare due to reflection and adversely affect the light environment. It is proposed to choose grinding surface. There are other details need to pay attention to, or we need to sum up in use, and share with you!

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