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How to use the desk lamp properly and safely?

How to use the desk lamp properly and safely?
Lamp used for study and work, is a kind of lighting tools to collect the light; the lamp can not only the light from the lighting, also to the entire room with warm and elegant, with excellent decorative function. So, are you using the right way?
1, the degree of light bulb should be appropriate
If the degree is too low, according to the book on the dark light, we are not easy to see handwriting, this will cause visual fatigue, long time will lead to myopia, when the treatment of myopia has become a daily must do things. And if the bulb is too high, too strong light will reflect through the white paper into our eyes, resulting in glare, so that the pupil continued to shrink, causing eye pain and headache. Generally speaking, 25 watt - 45 watt incandescent lamp brightness is most suitable.
2, the height of the table lamp is also very important
Usually, the eyes from the books of 30 cm, can see the handwriting, not fatigue, on this basis, the lamp height written 40 - 50 cm is appropriate, so as to ensure adequate reading lighting environment has a certain brightness. If the table lamp is too low, it will light the light in a small area, and the surrounding area will be completely dark. Lost to the distant reference, the eye will adjust the system is only in the vicinity of the tight compression, eye fatigue and rapid accumulation, resulting in "light source myopia."". If the lamp is too high, the light will shine directly into our eyes, produce glare; at the same time, light will result in the retina near light retention phenomenon, will make the eye muscle contraction, accelerate the decrease of visual acuity, so usually to treat myopia knowledge should also be mastered.
3. the size of the bulb to match the lampshade
To ensure that the lamp is arranged in the lampshade, avoid direct light to our eyes.
4. Use a white light bulb
Scientific research has shown that our vision is the best under white light, so choose an incandescent or frosted lamp that emits a soft, even white light, rather than a color bulb.
5, the table lamp placement position also has the very big influence to the vision
Because most people are right-handed, so the lamp should be put in the body in front of the left, writing not because the hand occlusion shadows are formed on the paper, according to the paper on the light is not reflected in our eyes from glare.
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