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What characteristic does Huazeng Science and technology protect eye desk lamp to have?

Answer: Huazeng technology eye lamp using eye DC fluorescent technology and LED unique new light source design, can effectively protect your eyesight, Huazeng technology LED eye lamp no stroboscopic, no radiation, no glare, energy saving and environmental protection, is the best companion for your study and work.
The surface of the shutter adopts the original PU yellowing resistant paint processing, strong adhesion, mildew, moth, does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, resist ultraviolet radiation effects on the surface of the safety and environmental protection, effective.
Beautiful wood shutters with European and American style, elegant style, exquisite and perfect; adjust the room light, the blade angle 150 degrees can stay at any position; ventilation, shading and can resist ultraviolet radiation; pure wood manufacturing, environmental protection lock link, PU paint, louver dust, natural upstart.

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