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How to choose the bedroom bedside lamp?

The lamp is a very important part in our daily life, it can not only lighting also play a decorative effect, many kinds of lamps, today, let the lamp ten brand Huazeng technology, take us to understand and appreciate the bedroom bedside lamp lamp selection. The bedroom is the bedside lamp set of three functions for general lighting, local lighting, decorative lighting in a body. Therefore, the bedside lamp illumination effect should be bright and soft, can create a warm tone. The bedside lamp light tends to be soft, mainly to meet people's psychological state at night, dazzling lights will dispel your drowsiness, make eye discomfort. The general tone should be suffused with a warm or neutral color is appropriate, such as yellow, orange, white goose etc.. The bedside lamp light should be soft, not to say that lowered the brightness, because dark lights will give people a sense of oppression, but also to bedtime reading habits of people, will damage eyesight.

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